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The Beginning

  • The Beginning


The Surreal Feeling

My name is Mateo and I am the founder of Quanta Coffee (EST 2015). Having lived the past 14 years in the United States without ever visiting my homeland moving back was a very necessary but also scary thought (December 2011). Looking out of the window of the plane as you are about to land it just seems like an endless sea of green. What brought me to Colombia initially was my father, who asked me to come because of health issues he was having. I was born in Armenia, Colombia but I moved to South Florida at a very young age (5). Though having the surreal feeling my idea of being in Colombia was calmed because I knew I had the opportunity to learn of my beginnings. I quickly embraced everything about my culture and was promptly introduced to a reality my family had and was currently experiencing with their coffee farms.

Tío Oscar

A few weeks being in Colombia I met one of my uncles for the first time his name is Oscar Hoyos Salazar. He is one of the best farmers in the region, recognized for having beautifully maintained farms and the use of fungi along with self made fertilizers for his crops. He has a three gorgeous farms located in Buenavista, Quindío and he grows coffee, plantains, avocados, oranges, mandarins, bananas, and corn. He is the reason why I fell in love with farming and with coffee in general. He would take me once or twice a week to his farms and show me what is need to be done to make sure the coffee trees are well nourished and taken care of, how the coffee is planted, how the coffee is harvested, how the coffee should be processed, and all the conditions that could affect the taste. After 3 years of following my uncle around and understanding finally how coffee is priced as well as how it's bought I decided to do something different for my family.

My Business Partner

My childhood best friend Max came to visit me in Spring 2015. During that time I made sure to take him to the most beautiful parts of Quindío like Cocora Valley in Salento. But also on two very eye opening coffee tours. After these coffee tours we decided that it was going to become a reality of us to export from Colombia Specialty Coffee Beans to roasters in the United States. Max become my business partner from that day and evolved our idea to be not just a green bean exporter but a coffee roaster ourselves making sure our differentiation from the rest of the market is the amount of care and time we put into each coffee we produce, source, buy, and roast.

Quanta Coffee is Born

Quanta Coffee’s name comes from the latin and greek meaning of quantity. We view the quantity or the amount of time and love placed in the production of coffee as an important part of the name. The up to date meaning of quanta in physics is “the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck's constant times the frequency of the associated radiation.” (dictionary.com), which means to us at quanta translates into the amount of time and dedication we put into our coffee is equal to the quality and taste of our coffee. That being our foundation to keep at heart that quality over quantity will always be our goal.